Vintage Handmade paperdoll from the 30's.

A Glimpse of Neva Waldt

“I had a friend once tell me that a creative person will implode if they do not create. I thoroughly agree. For me, the process is the reward. I have sewn since I was 5 and have always been fascinated with turning the fabrics into 3 dimensional forms, whether it was clothing, costumes or soft sculpture. In 2003, I begin focusing this fascination on sculpting figures in cloth and eventually included other mediums, such a papier-mache. With the help of colors, textures, detail and gesture, my artdolls come to life, each with a humorous story to tell.

After obtaining a degree in Fine Arts from Sam Houston State University in 1976, I logged in 25 years as a graphic designer in Houston, Texas. In 2004, I traded in my mouse for needle and thread and began my next career as an original doll artist. I have studied under renowned doll artists from around the world. I became a member of Texas Association of Original Doll Artists (TAODA) in 2004.”

Neva is a fifth generation Texan living in Bellaire, Texas with her husband Kenny and her daughter Taylor. Son Zach has flown the nest.

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