All Dressed Up and No Place To Go, 2008

TAODA gallery show “All Dolled Up”
Soft Dolls and Animals, Jan. 2009

As I have often said, I am fascinated by gesture. I loved the way the teenage boys used to drape themselves on our furniture. Now they have grown into young men, but my mind, they will remain those bored, slouching souls, no matter how dressed up they are.

This is one of my smaller dolls, just sly of 10” seated. His cut-away tuxedo is silk and his shoes polished glove leather. The chair is made out of very fine leather and in his hand he holds his Bang and Olufsen remote control, in search of some sort of entertainment to salvage the evening. I’ve used a magnet in the seat that holds the guy securely, not that he has any place to go anyway.


“a peek behind the seams”


Neva Waldt







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