Bernice and the Nude Model, 2007

Bernice is an artsy-crafty friend that sees the potential use of every found object. She crusades for the trees, is an avid bird watcher (even eats like one, opting for her own special bran-muffin recipe) and secretly reads romance novels. She has raised her family, outlived her husband and has finally decided to pursue her interests in art as she boldly takes her first figure drawing class. The handsome young model drops his robe and strikes his first pose…

Bernice is dressed in her comfortable pants and her all-occasion denim shirt, which she cleverly embellished on the back with a huge sunflower. She expresses her artistic side with a Peter Max watch, hand-woven belt, cute little polka-dot shoes (very practical) and of course, an “I (heart) art” tee shirt.




Neva Waldt







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