It’s Not the Destination, but The Journey, 2008

The Gypsy Challenge, 2008
Treasures of the Gypsy - "Journey of the Gypsy"
International Quilt Festival, Houston,TX
Best of Show

These two were my entry for the 2008 Treasures of the Gypsy Challenge. I had wanted to do a combination like this for a while and when Pamela Armas presented her challenge theme "Journey of the Gypsy", I was on my way. The two were made independently and fit together without any other support, but I decided to attach the two together to keep the balance intact. While she rides euphorically along (too much wine?), he struggles with her, the carpetbag and a hilly, rocky path. I love the idea that two people can be at the exact same place at the exact time and have two totally different memories. That explains a lot of those family arguments at Thanksgiving.

I used vintage silk and velvet in muted greens to set off the vibrant purple challenge fabric I had received. The shoes are probably my favorite part of this duo, because they look well worn and comfortable.

It was such an honor to be selected as “Best of Show” in the 2008 challenge. The exhibit was filled with so many wonderful dolls. Thank you, Pamela, for all you do for the doll makers across the nation.


Neva Waldt







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