Cousin Laszlo and the Antigravity Device, 2006

A Day With Wilbur Robinson
By William Joyce
TAODA Storybook V Exhibit

This was my kid’s favorite childhood book and still one of mine. I had planned to do another character, but the size restraints of the exhibit would not allow me the height I needed, so I went to Plan B and did Cousin Laszlo. I love the idea of doing a floating doll. Once again, I used polymer clay for the head, arms, and lower legs. True to Joyce’s illustrations, the attire is sort of 40ish, with leather shoes and a tie actually cut from a vintage tie I had. The backpack was a challenge, but, then, who would know if it were wrong.

When I contacted Mr. Joyce, he informed me that Disney was doing a full-length animation of his book, titled “Meet the Robinsons,” which came out in the summer of 2007. As part of the promotion for the film, Disney and Mr. Joyce had a five month long art exhibit at artspace in Shreveport, LA., featuring the art of both the book and the film. Mr. Joyce invited me to include Cousin Laszlo, and I was thrilled to accept.



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