A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste, 2007

Ventriloquism and mime, certainly two acts that don’t go together. But in this case, it works as kind of the best of both worlds. I love the ventriloquist’s strained, fixed smile and his goofy hair. The head, hands and feet are cloth-covered paperclay. (The faces are always a little creepy once the eyes are in and the heads are just lying around.) His suit is made from the most expensive fabric I have ever bought, and his shoes involved multiple layers of punched leather from old gloves. He sits comfortably on the chair I made with the aid of a very strong magnet in his pants. The mime is just obnoxious enough and I think we can all be thankful that he doesn’t move at all.

For a real treat, read Mary Wiggin’s article about these two in Art Doll Quarterly Fall 2008.



Neva Waldt







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