The Joyful Nun, 2007

Sister Mary Margaret was made for the TAODA gallery show “Sinners and Saints and Wisecracking Women.” Who doesn’t think of nuns when saints are mentioned? So, I carefully researched habits and constructed the outfit as close to an actual habit that I could. (The symbolism of the habit is very interesting, by the way.) I had wanted to make the small red high-tops for some time, so this seemed the perfect opportunity. I decided to use polymer clay for the face and hands, which worked well for this doll. She became a rather spunky nun, full of the joy of the Lord. She sort of reminds me of Sister Clarissa (Mary Wickes), the Converse-wearing gym coach from the movie “The Trouble with Angels,” staring Haley Mills and Rosalind Russell. Just not so tall.



Neva Waldt







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